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Just Simply AMAZING!

It feels strange for me to be writing a personal blog as opposed to a wedding related one but I felt this lady deserved to be celebrated and recognised. At nearly 89 years old she never cease to amaze and delight me.

Late last year my mum started to feel unwell, not too unusual for someone of this age I suppose! But if you knew her you would know she has a resilience to all that life throws at her, she has a knack on ‘taking things on the chin’. So although this latest wobble came out of the blue I just thought she would fight it off just like everything else.

You see my mum is, just simply, AMAZING! Born in 1927 she was just twelve when war broke out. Unable to be evacuated due to ill health mum was forced to stay at home with my grandparents while her siblings were sent away, cared for by families in the rural countryside. Being one of the middle children some of mum’s older brothers were fighting this terrible war for us. Life in the coastal town of Great Yarmouth was hard for all its residents with the town often being on high alert and war time was hard for mum too being one of only a handful of children left in the town.

When the war was over life took time to settle down and get back to some sort of normality. It was happening all throughout Great Britain and although we were no longer at war the scars were still healing. But amongst all of the troubles a beautiful young woman was emerging. A beautiful young woman who some day I would call mum. Mum had spent many years surrounded by children, herself one of thirteen. Times were different back then and everyone had a part to play in the home helping with the chores, looking after the little ones and often forgetting how to be children themselves. Now in her mid twenties it was mums turn to have a family of her own, the family that she had always wanted and was destined to have.

It was to be that mum would go on to have eight children after marrying my father, a widower who already had a son, my half brother, so that made nine of us in total. My mum had been told after giving birth to my eldest sister, “Mrs Nortcliffe you should consider not having any more children” child birth had taken its toll. But you see my mum is, just simply, AMAZING. I often joked that mum and dad stopped at perfection, their last born a boy, a bonny and happy child, a wonderful addition to any family and that child was me!

The truth was her body was saying “enough is enough”.

Some say that the youngest child (that’s me) tends to be:

Tender ✓

Fun loving ✓

Uncomplicated ✓

Outgoing ✓

Caring ✓

Manipulative – well you’ll have to ask my mum that one!

But growing up in a large family has taught me the real values of life and while fun at times at times it has also been very tough. Its made me treasure the things I hold dear, to have strong values, to be the best I can and to give back to others. Competitive and focused with a dash of compulsive disorder thrown in and how to love a good party too. Mum has also taught me not to take any thing for granted in particular your health. She is doing well now and some days back to her old self and her medication is being well controlled. Regular tests ensures she is taking the right dosage at the right time. But as time goes by the parent / child roles reverse. For all those years you gave to us mum now its our turn. Your story is one of bravery and courage. My heart is so full of love and pride for you it’s bursting.

You still manage to make my chuckle at some of the bizarre things you say and do. You have this annoying habit of handing over a list of tasks just as I am about to head out of the door. Your secret stash of sweets, your addiction to all things sugary, the sprinkling of salt on your food before you have tried it or the lashings of ‘best butter’ (your words) on hot toast. All of which are hardly conducive with your ailments. But you know what? it doesn’t matter, because you see mum, you are just simply AMAZING!

I love you mum x


  1. Sarah jones

    I know mark personally from previous work in the john lewis partnership he is a lovely fantastic happy guy I would definitely use him for my precious memories

    • Mark Nortcliffe

      Thank you Sarah for your kind words. Good to hear from you. Mark x

  2. Rosie

    Loved reading your blog about your lovely Mum, you really look like her xx You have given a real insight into who she is, hope you have let her read it xx


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