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Thinking of building a new website and frustrated because you know what you want just not sure how to get there?

That was me. I am totally aware of my capabilities and knew that I had to find someone to build my new site for me and bring my vision to life. Into my world of confusion and frustration entered Luke Baldwin at Get Lucas

I had done some of the ground work and had clear ideas of what I wanted. I’d deliberated, researched, drew up site plans, researched, deliberated, and researched some more, lots more. I looked at website design companies big and small and listened to feedback. I sought inspiration from bridal magazines, looked out for current trends and took notes from my couples particularly the ladies. I cut, copied and pasted. My style board is defiantely worthy of mention here.

List upon lists were drawn up to identify the priorities I wanted from my new site.

Easy to navigate
Mobile friendly
A clean, fresh appearance
Whimsical and Romantic
Service driven and customer focused
User friendly Client Gallery pages with online proofing tool
Consistent signature handwriting which would translate well on screen, stationery, and all promotional merchandise
Brand led.

I knew I had the foundation to build from and I had a brand that I was proud of. I knew how I wanted my new clients to walk away feeling and how I wanted my existing clients to benefit from seeing and sharing their own personal memories with ease, a sense of pride and excitement.

But I realised my OCD was getting the better of me but I also knew it had to be right. Working for yourself affords you the opportunity to change your mind as often as you like but having to make all those decisions for yourself can be traumatic. In fairness to my partner Chris and Luke who was already beginning to cleverly untangle my thoughts and bringing my vision to life this part of process was at times made so much easier.

Luke just took all this information and soon presented me with a series of logo designs, colours and design elements that would weave seamlessly throughout my new site. Luke had just grasped what I wanted from the start. He just simply ‘Understood My Business’. That’s not to say that we didn’t need to have some uncomfortable conversations, those ‘but why can’t I do it that way’ toys out of the pram sort of conversations. It’s inevitable when you have two creatives working together but it was a union that played to both our individual strengths. We learnt how to work together to achieve this amazing result.

So if you are reading this but don’t have the necessary skill set but still thinking ‘My website could do with a new look’ or you are about to embark on a new venture and a website would bring your business to life or you just want to understand the thought process that goes into designing a website, consider speaking to a man just like Luke and leave it to those guys to bring your vision to life

Thanks to Get Lucas


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