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My name is Mark and I am a Same-Sex Wedding Photographer based in Girton a small village North of Cambridge where I live with my husband Chris. My passion for photography appears to have always been with me. Sometimes to a lesser degree but never as evident as it is today. Temporarily putting my camera down for a few years while I focused on my retail career was at the time the right thing to do. Rekindling my relationship and diving back into photography was the best decision I ever made. Well, second to falling in love and getting married that is!

For as long as I can remember I have always owned a camera. I love the endless enjoyment photographs can bring not just today but the memories they create that live with us for years to come. Times change of course but the fact that through imagery we can preserve moments in time is just so amazing. With the introduction of digital photography, consumer SLRs, and mobile phones we are all photographers. I love that as we are all history makers preserving a little of today for all our tomorrows.

For now, I want to tell you what I can do for you and talk about my style of photography but if you are interested to hear a little about me, my life and what makes me tick then please check out my About Me page.


You may be looking for a wedding photographer who’s had some of experience shooting same-sex weddings or a professional photographer who has experienced, attended and shot several Same-Sex weddings. As a gay man myself I remember the anxious search we had finding our own wedding photographer. Of course, I know only too well that a wedding is a wedding after all. It is simply a celebration of two people in love. At the time I hated the thought that I may have been judged from those I trusted as one of my suppliers. I was fortunate to always have the support of my family and expected the same from those I had selected to use to ensure our special day was a memorable one. Thankfully that was the case for us.

Let me be the one to make sure its the same for you. And you don’t have to be based in Cambridgeshire either as I travel all over the country to help couples celebrate their special day in style so don’t let a postcode define you!

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My style of photography is a hybrid of photojournalism and formal which means I will be on hand to capture moments of the day as they unfold that otherwise may get missed. IMy style of photography is a hybrid of photojournalism and formal which means I will be on hand to capture moments of the day as they unfold that otherwise may get missed. I will capture the obvious and the not so obvious. I will move amongst your guests and capture reactions and emotions as they celebrate your special day with you. Watch and record the tears and laughter that will serve as a reminder for you to look back on for years to come. The day will be interspersed with some ‘formal’ shots with those close to you before whisking you away for your couple portrait session. From your getting ready shots to your first dance and beyond I will be there to guide you through your day to make sure its everything that you have spent months planning. Please check out my Wedding portfolio to better acquaint yourself with my photography style.

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Choosing your Cambridge Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is a major event in your life’s journey, an event that is shared with those that have played an important part in your life and who cares about you the most. So with the same emphasis that has been placed on the day itself, ensuring the memories are preserved and treasured dearly for generations to come, finding the right wedding photographer is paramount.

Finding a photographer that cares as much about your day as you do and who will be willing to help and advise along the way is not an unrealistic ask. Let me be that photographer and help you by taking away some of the stresses of planning and by capturing the happy and intimate moments of your wedding day.

Every wedding is unique and individual. The one overriding factor is the unity and love between two people.

Member of the LGBTQ community and well regarded Same-Sex Wedding Photographer

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As humans we are marvellous complex beings with minds that can store and recall many stories from the past. But we can only recall the stories from our own perspective, from the events the we are witness to or played a part in, and sometimes that’s OK. But at times we are involved in events where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, where so much is happening that we fail to see the wider picture.

Your wedding day is one such event and one of the most important days of your life. Let me be the one to tell the story of events as they unfold. Liken your wedding day to a jigsaw puzzle, there are so many pieces that make up the whole picture. Imagine the disappointment when you get the end and find a piece missing.

I am a photojournalistic and documentary style wedding photographer. I will record key moments as they happen so they are not missed and preserved years to come.

I will bring a sense of calmness to the proceedings and install confidence in you and your guests. My unobtrusive style is relaxed and informal and will put even the most camera shy person at ease. My energy and passion to make your wedding day special will be apparent from the very first time we meet. Read my Reviews here to see what my previous couples have to say.

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