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Getting married is one of the most important events in your life. It’s rather like preparing for the production of a theatrical West End show – you set the stage with the venue, add the props of the flowers and personal flourishes, select the costumes for the occasion and place all those who are playing their part into position. Then on the day you experience the thrill of nerves and eagerness as the curtain goes up on your big day.

I never underestimate how much time and effort you spend in bringing your dream to life. Every wedding creates its own unique story, and I will use my photography skills to document it. I’ll record the day as it unfolds so that when you look through your photo collection you can enjoy the day again and again with the emotions, moments of magic and the memories of you and your loved ones captured for posterity.

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The first consultation

The first meeting is about discovering the headlines of your wedding – personalities, themes and timings. Don’t worry if you are still deciding on the details – at this stage I would expect only vague ideas and plans that are bound to change! A rough outline is all I need to start planning how I will bring the photographic portrayal of your wedding to life. We’ll meet face to face so that I can get to know you a little and I’ll bring inspiration and ideas too to get the ball rolling.

At the end of the meeting I’ll have a better idea of your characters and preferences, the traditional formal photos that you want to include and a glimpse of the schedule of your big day around which I can start to prepare. I can give you a document of top tips of what to consider when planning your day, a suggested running order so you can think about when I can get involved in taking pictures for you and hopefully a sense of excitement about what’s to come!

The second consultation

A month or so before the wedding day itself and several emails later we’ll start to piece together your itinerary. We’ll discuss your final plans, the schedule, the official pictures that you’d like and the timings around the day itself. If your venue is one I haven’t shot at before I may have arranged a visit beforehand to look at possible locations for shots and looking at alternative options for wet and fine weather, low light or bright sunshine. At the end of the consultation, we’ll both have a full understanding of what will be happening and when. Once we have agreed the itinerary I will share this with the venue, my second shooter (if applicable). Then all that’s left for you to do is sit back and let all your hard work fall into place.

Pre-wedding shoot

If you have opted for one of the collections that has a pre-wedding shoot included or you have chosen to add on this option the pre-wedding shoot usually happens four to eight weeks before your big day. This relaxed photoshoot is about getting to know you further as a couple – who is cheeky and playful, who is shy and reserved. I’ll observe your individual brands of humour and the sometimes unconscious interactions between you for clues of what to showcase in the images. We will spend a couple of hours together, trying different things and using our location for inspiration. See my pre-wedding section for further details.

The week before

Although I’ll always be contactable to answer your questions, this will be an opportunity to touch base and make sure that you’re happy with all the arrangements.

On the day

I’ll chat with the best man, bridesmaids and key family members beforehand. They are the source of some of the best (and occasionally most touching) photos, so I want to get a feel for their personalities too. Their support may even be invaluable when I’m ready to corral the family together for the formal photos! It’s all about doing my homework. I will familiarise myself with the schedule of your day and find out if there are any surprises I should be aware of so I am prepared for the reactions from your guests¦

We would have discussed when you want me to be ready with my camera, but whether it’s as you’re getting ready or travelling to the venue. If its at the ceremony, the reception or during the speeches. I’ll be flexible to fit in with you. Part of the knack is to pre-empt what will happen next and I will always be on the lookout for intimate moments that others might miss – the things you wouldn’t always notice but they’re there.

I will steal you away for the wonderfully romantic first shots of the newly wed couple, and mingle with your guests for the wider aspects of the day. You can rely on me to melt into the background so you’ll hardly know that I’m there. You won’t have to worry about what I’m doing, just let yourself enjoy your special day and leave the photos to me.

After the day

After your wedding, you’ll be keen to see the photographs of the day, and that’s why I will provide you with some sample pictures within three days, even posting some on Facebook for you to share with your friends if you wish. They’ll give you a taster of what’s to come while I sort through all the images, selecting the finest ones for you to choose from. Your images will be ready to view within six-eight weeks. I’ll invite you to join me to look through your images and talk through the next steps.

If you have chosen one of the collections containing an album I can advise you on the type of images to pick so that it flows as a story of the day. We’ll discuss layout, style, sizes and even what images might look stunning if selected as a full page spread. Once I have designed your album you will have the chance to proof the album layout prior to it being sent to my printers for production. This process from design to delivery can take between four to six weeks. Your album should be ordered within six months of your wedding date.

Your pictures will also be available on a password-protected online gallery so that your guests can browse and order prints too.

I really enjoy this part of the process. As the pictures are unveiled I want them to stir you to catch your breath, smile and relive the occasion, perhaps even laughing as you recall the happy memories or wiping away a tear as certain moments jog your memory of a given moment. I have this in mind as I am taking your wedding photos, envisaging pictures that will delight and entertain you!

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